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Environmental Policy

Avant Hire South Wales: hires and sells landscaping and groundwork plant and equipment and provides training or fully qualified personnel for their use. We also provide repair services and proactive maintenance for a range of groundwork and landscaping equipment to ensure its efficient and effective operation. At Avant Hire South Wales we acknowledge our responsibility to integrate environmental management into all our activities and business strategies to minimise consumption of finite resources, fossil fuels and waste. This environmental policy documents our commitments to:

  • Prevent pollution at source and as a minimum comply with all legislation, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe;
  • Continually improve our environmental management and performance through setting and achieving annual environmental objectives and
  • Provide adequate resources to enable this environmental policy to be implemented effectively.

To achieve these underlying principles we commissioned an independent environmental review to identify our significant environmental impacts and enable us to control and manage them. Impacts include consuming finite fossil fuels for powering plant, transport, heating and lighting the business premises and powering electrical and electronic equipment. Consumption of fossil fuels contributes on a significant but relatively small scale to local and global emissions of air borne pollutants and heat fixing "green house" gases, strongly linked to the green house effect, global warming and associated climate change. Procurement of goods and services results in daily consumption of resources including materials for servicing and repairing plant and office supplies. We also generate small quantities of waste, which by definition is a loss of valuable resources, which we firstly purchase and then pay for recycling or disposal. To minimise these impacts Avant Hire South Wales has secured independent certification to levels one and two of the Green Dragon Standard and environmental considerations are integrated into all purchasing decisions. We ensure all groundwork and landscaping plant is delivered on time every time and we plan routes in advance to ensure timely arrival and minimise consumption of transport fuel. When operating plant and equipment we ensure each job has secured planning permission and applicable licenses in line with the wildlife, countryside and other conservation legislation. We provide a full maintenance and repair service for your plant and equipment and are fully licensed to carry a range of wastes from your premises. All wastes are documented using the transfer note process. We also clean and wash down plant at our business premises and fully control waste water in line with our environmental responsibilities. Avant Hire South Wales is also identifying the viability of installing rainwater storage and harvesting process. Avant Hire South Wales is working towards a paperless, electronic administration process and we purchase or lease low energy electrical and electronic equipment, implement a switch off policy of all non essential equipment including lighting and default settings to automatically turn off equipment when it is not being used. We operate a proactive maintenance schedule for all plant and equipment to ensure and maintain its efficiency. Avant Hire South Wales plans essential routes using in car satellite navigation and clusters appointments where practical. All wastes are minimised at source, reused where appropriate, prepared for recovery or recycling and only disposed of to landfill as a final resort. All waste is stored, managed and treated in line with our legal responsibilities including ensuring all waste contractors are suitable licensed.


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