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Go Green Hire

Go-Green Hire

As part of our Environmental Policy Avant Hire South Wales is committed to introducing Hire products to our fleet which will reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution whilst maintaining professional standards at work. We also believe that products which offer a real alternative to chemical processes in grounds maintenance demonstrate our commitment to the environment. The next ten years will see major advances by manufacturers in developing environmentally friendly equipment, especially battery powered products. Avant Hire South Wales aims to be at the forefront of that development. We hope to bring you more of those products as they arrive.


HDK Utility

The HDK off-road electric vehicle is capable of carrying over 500kg on most terrains. The HDK can also tow up to 1000kg whilst ensuring zero noise and air pollution. Maintenance Free Batteries mean that the vehicle has a range of up to 50 miles on one charge. A real alternative to a Gator, Mule or RV, the HDK Utility will demonstrate a real commitment to your environmental policy.

Aichi Skytower

The compact Battery powered tracked scissor lift ideal for external building maintenance and hedge and tree work. The non-marking tracks will enable the operator to traverse rough terrain whilst not leaving any marks on paving etc. The collapsed dimensions of 2m high by 1m wide mean that this machine will access the smallest of spaces and gardens. The platform has a working height of 6m although it needs to be on firm level ground before lifting.

Makita Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This professional cordless hedge trimmer has a bar length of 62cm/25” and double sided double-edge cutter teeth. Featuring a 36v lithium ion battery with a running time of up to 45 minutes. A spare battery is available to ensure continuous operation. The low noise levels make this especially suitable for noise-sensitive areas.

Mechanical Weed Clearing Machines

Mechanical weed removal machines work without the need for chemicals. They remove the growing matter so the effects are instant and long lasting. These machines can also be used for edging-up and re-instating footpaths etc. The operators need minimal training and very little safety equipment compared to spraying.

50cm (20"), 4-stroke, professional chemical weed clearing machine - The Weed-Hex is used in traffic areas, on walls, curbs and between paving stones. The patented pendulum brush system preserves the surfaces and prevents paving stones from getting loose. It is a reliable piece of equipment for sporting grounds, administration buildings, hospitals and industrial establishments and with its 50 cm working width also extremely efficient. Farewell weeding: Weed-Hex AS 50 The high-quality steel brushes are spared by the pendulum technology. The double stone impact guard prevents personal injury and damage to property. The working speed is infinitely variably controlled by the AS Variomat and since the Weed-Hex has a compact design, it can easily transported in small van or car boot.

The Koppl mechanical weed brush is one of many optional implements that can be fitted to the Koppl range of hydrostatic two wheel tractors. The angle of the wire rotary brush can be adjusted both forward and sideways. The rapid change tool flange allows for the Koppl implement carrier two be used for many other grounds maintenance all year round such as mowing, leaf collecting and snow clearance. The perfect machine for property maintenance professionals.



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