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The Koeppl hydrostatic two wheel tractor power units are available with 6hp, 9hp or 13hp petrol engines. The rapid change tool flange allows for the Koeppl implement carrier to carry out variety of grounds maintenance tasks all year round such as mowing, sweeping, leaf collecting and snow clearance. The perfect machine for Landscape and property maintenance professionals.




The mechanical steel weed brush is the ideal tool for weed, moss and algae removal on concrete, tarmac and block paving surfaces. The angle of the wire brush can adjusted both forward and sideways. The angle can be set for deep kerb cleaning.



The nylon brush sweeper attachment can be used for a variety of sweeping jobs from leaf clearing to synthetic turf renovation. The 100cm brush can be set straight or angled right or left.

Sweeper with Collector

Sweeper with Collector

A collector box is available for the sweeper attachment. The hinged box allows for easy emptying of leaves, sand or other collected debris.

Cutter Bar Mower

The 80cm Double cutter bar attachment is ideal for long grass and wild flower meadow maintenance. Good for mowing on slopes.


Koeppl 6hp professional rotary cultivator with a working width of 60cm. Adjustable handle bars allow for side operation.

Flail Mower

The Heavy duty flail mower attachment uses Y blades to mulch brushwood and grass. Cutting width available, 60cm.

Rotarty Brush Mower

Rotary brush mower attachment is a robust unit for cutting brushwood down to lawn. The unit has adjustable skids and guide wheels giving a minimum 50mm cutting height. Cutting widths are available from 60cm to 80cm.

Synthetic Turf Brush

Folding Synthetic turf brush is used for daily maintenance of artificial pitches. Brushing artificial pitches is essential to keep infill mobile, lift the pile and prevent algae accumulation, surface compaction and loss of porosity. Ballast can be added to a tray mounted above the brush.


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