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Discover the versatility of Avant, a smarter way of working.

Avant Tecno manufactures high quality compact multi-purpose loaders and attachments in Ylojarvi, Finland. The strong Avant loaders are designed and manufactured following customer needs, in order to give best possible performance in a multitude of jobs. The model range consists of machines destined for heavy duty professional use, as well as for demanding do-it-yourself work.

The Avant loaders come with a range of attachments suitable for Materials Handling, Landscaping, Forestry, Property Maintenance, Construction and Agricultural work.

Avant Hire South Wales operates a fleet of Avant 500, 600 and 700 series machines available to hire from 1 day to 5 years.

We also have a comprehensive range of Avant attachments available in stock ready for hire. We are adding more attachments to our range every month.

Avant Loaders can also be hired on a daily basis with a qualified operator.


Avant 500 Series

Avant 500

The Avant 528 is powered by a 28hp Kubota diesel engine delivering 36 litres per minute of hydraulic flow at 200 bar. The machine weighs just over 1300Kgs and has an operating width of just 1095mm. The Hydrostatic 4wd Avant has a lifting capacity of up to 750Kgs.

Avant 600 Series

Avant 600

The Avant 635 is powered by a 37hp Kubota diesel engine delivering 66 litres per minute of hydraulic flow at 200 bar. The machine weighs just over 1500Kgs and has an operating width of just 1290mm. The Hydrostatic 4wd Avant has a lifting capacity of up to 1,000Kgs.

Avant Attachments

General Bucket

Avant general buckets are designed so that the operator can see the front edge of the bucket from the driver's seat, which means quick and easy loading and emptying.

4 in 1 Bucket

Efficient multi-purpose bucket which can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveller or a grab.

Grapple Bucket

Versatile bucket for handling of loose material. Can be used for transporting and loading of branches, wood chip, compost, straw, manure, construction waste etc.

Pallet Forks

Avant pallet fork is the right attachment for materials handling. Compared with a conventional fork lift truck Avant is superior when working outdoors and on rough terrains.

Log Grab

The Avant log grab mounts on Avant pallet fork. With the log grab you can lift and transport single logs, small timber bundles, large stones, fence poles and similar objects.

Skip Bucket

Avant skip bucket is a very useful attachment for waste collecting, transporting and emptying. Two support legs allow you to leave it standing alone while using the Avant to do other work.

Jib Boom

Economical attachment suitable for many different lifting jobs. The maximum lifting height is 4m.

Dozer Blade

Equipped with hydraulic blade turning Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs. The blade is equipped with spring release mechanism which protects the blade and driver in case it hits an object.

Sweeper Collector

Avant brooms with collector box are specially made for large yards, street cleaning and Synthetic Turf Renovation. Collector box emptying is controlled hydraulically and material can be emptied directly into a skip.

Flail Mower

Flail Mower is a drum-type cutter intended for cutting long grass, scrub and brush up to 20mm thick. The cutting width is 1300mm.

Vertical Log Splitter

Vertical log splitter designed for large diameter logs is hydraulically driven by the Avant .


A simple and inexpensive but incredibly useful and efficient attachment for levelling and planing of large areas.


With the ripper it is easy and effortless to remove roots as well as rocks even from hard packed ground.

Stump Grinder

The horizontal stump grinder has a 45cm cutting blade and is adjustable through 45. The tilting boom and pivoting chassis of the Avant allow you to tackle stumps in awkward situations.


The Avant trencher cuts quickly and cleanly through most ground conditions. The minimal amount of spoil is distributed on the right side only of the trench. This allows you to lay cables and pipes in half the time of a traditional excavator with less damage to the ground. Digging depths are up to 900mm with either a 100mm or 200mm width. The tungsten combination chains allow you to dig through rock and hard core.


Powerful hydraulic auger with many different auger diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree planting etc. Replaceable tungsten pilot teeth allow you to drill through hard ground and sandstone.

Post Driver

The Protech P18 post driver attachment is fitted with a 180kg weight for heavy duty work. Adjustable side to side tilt allows for level and precise post driving. Optional rock spike attachment allows for post driving in very hard ground conditions. Used for traditional fencing as well as PV solar panel ground installations.

Menage Grader

The menage grader can be towed by the Avant using its rear tow ball. The grader is particularly suitable for levelling off sand or rubber crumb ménage arrears. One blade can be angled to pull material away from edging boards. Two adjustable levellers iron out any irregularities ahead of the wheels to allow the blade to maintain a level grade.


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