Camping and Caravan Forum - Caravan On Tour - Camping and Caravan Forum 3.3 flex fuel. Mission. Friendly chat and advice with hundreds of motorhome enthusiasts like yourself. Start new topics, discuss, talk, chat, joke with other campers. We have hundred of members, chatting every day. That said, we have seen twin-axle ’vans with just one motor on each side and they work perfectly well. Furthermore, for clarity, if a motor caravan or car were to be towing a trailer, the reduced speed of 50mph is detailed here. The Motor Caravan Club of Ireland is 35 years in existence, it was formed in 1983 to act as a forum for those like minded people who are interested in the pursuit of the Motorized caravan. Whilst some caravan equipment is all but essential for a self-sufficient trip - ovens, fridges, gas, motor movers and so on - other caravanning accessories provide home comforts or luxuries that can turn a good caravan holiday into a great one, such as mobile internet, satellite TV, … 54,000+ motor caravanning New Zealanders call the NZMCA home. You can add another category to that list: caravan or motorhome. Caravan and Camping Forum is FREE to use. I didn't see much point in putting it up for sale on the forum at present. By Goldie09, March 30, 2013 in Thailand Motor Forum. The NZMCA's goal is to be the foremost authority on all things Motor Caravanning in New Zealand. We had a Purple line Caravan Mover (4 motors) fitted to the caravan but were a bit disappointed in its performance. The aim of our club is to provide practical, helpful advice and information and offer guidance for those wishing to embark on building their own Motor Caravan. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Schedule 6 of the RTR act sets out the definition of a motor caravan (or at least refers you to another definition). Rarely available. New motor caravan conversion DVLA guidancMotorhomes and Campervans. A single-axle caravan only requires two motor units (one on each side), while a twin-axle tourer generally has four (one in front of the forward tyre and another behind the rear tyre). New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA). If you need a new forum section added, simply place a request in the general forum section, and our admin will look at it, and see what can be done. An update released today (October 21st 2019) details: Requirements for changing body type to motor caravan DVLA will only consider changing the body type to motor caravan (motorhome) if the vehicle meets the […] The Motorhome Friendly scheme provides a set of amenities and services that guarantee motor caravanners a warm welcome and an enjoyable visit. Since when is a caravan a motor vehicle, just asking? On behalf of all of our Club Together members, we are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you. Start new topics, discuss, talk, chat, joke with other campers. Feel free to test out his superior knowledge. Thailand Motor Forum ; Thailand Motor Forum ; Rv Motorhome For Sale Rv Motorhome For Sale. This is also a great opportunity to meet like minded people worldwide whether you already have a van to convert or currently using a caravan … Welcome to Club Together, the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s online forum. If you’re a motorhome or caravan owner and looking for a virtual campfire or forum, click to register on the site. The NZMCA is a membership based organisation representing the interests of private motor caravan … This is a duo that divides a nation, resulting in fervent debate on discussion forums, around water coolers, and in pub front bars. Hello All, we have just had the van converted with a 130RIB bed and slimline units. Motor movers are available as single or twin-axle kits. Forums, Clubhouse and Help and Advice. It’s been a frustrating few months, the DVLA changed the goalposts, but decided not to tell anyone where they had moved them! Basically where a single axle caravan can turn on its own axis this is not possible with a tandem axle van. Since it is a one-way rental, I have found my options to be limited as far as companies go. Re: The Motor Caravan 1931 « Reply #1 on: May 27, 2020, 08:28:01 am » It's funny how the motor caravan still hasn't changed in shape much from all those years back. Answer 1 of 10: Hi all, I am planning a road trip from Albuquerque to Portland this November. RV Technical Reference Pages<