I’ve already done the work for you, and here’s a great example. So cut 2 lengths of speaker cable for each side (left and right). They’re packed with a ton of controls including a 13-band EQ and good sound. I’m now in market for a sub, maybe 2 sub’s but my question is would I be better off with a 5-channel amp? They’re not expensive if you shop around. Two sets lead over to the amplifier (the ones I mentioned previously). – The connections for the bridged subwoofer wiring depend on the amp. Why are standard transmissions better for offroading. I know its mono but i thought in the input i can also have 4channels. I like this deck basically because it has separate bass and treble & Blue tooth. However, I’ve come up with a sort of solution that helps a bit! That’s especially true if you think you might upgrade your amp to a higher power one at some point. If you want a more specific recommendation let me know. It would help to know what the difference is you’re hearing between what you have now and the factory speakers. Would really like it to sound great/clear with some serious bass too, and would spend a little more to achieve this. – How’s the bass from the Kicker PT250? Thanks. I’ve got a 70 Mustang, & will be leaving the original radio in its place to keep it all looking original, I’m looking to put a aftermarket sound system in, a freind has a Rockford Fosgate P400-4 punch I can have, I was hoping to run a sub in the trunk & replace to front speakers with decent ones, can this amp be installed & possible adding a bluetooth device while using my iPhone as the head player, this way I’m avoiding installing any head unit, or would I need to buy a different Bluetooth amp, any suggestions or hep in which is best way to go would be greatly appreciated If your sub is svc 4 ohm, you can wire each sub straight to each channel of your amp and get 4 ohm load. Open your passenger-side door and find the wire from inside. Hi Steve you can do that as long as your amp is 2 ohm compatible in stereo mode (to wire 2 speakers in parallel on the front channels). Is my vehicle compatible with this aftermarket stereo? Not sure how much the added clarity will matter to your daughter, but the results are usually very nice to listen to. But since the 4 ohm subs can be wired differently resulting in an effective total impedance of 1 ohm, you get the full 1000 watt power from your amp and match the rated power of your subs for full performance. Car and home speakers are rated by their general Ohms (impedance) rating. It sounds to me like I’m over doing it. You have to decide which speakers you’d like to use, as you’re trying to drive too many speakers from one amp. You’ll need to bridge 2 channels in order to have enough power to drive a subwoofer well. Otherwise, you could hopefully find the owner’s manual online. Because these kinds of amps can’t handle a 2 ohm load, it’s a bit harder and needs a different approach. Your write ups are a lot different than others. It’s not about the money, it’s about replacement that makes sense. The GM-D8704 has speaker level inputs built in that will let you connect directly to the speaker level outputs of the Sony head unit. While it’s true that nearly all amps with any “real” power today can be bridged from 2 channels to 1 channel (called “mono”, or bridging) for more power, some can’t. Generally speaking, though, if there aren’t dedicated subwoofer input RCA jacks then it is derived from one (or more) of the input pairs. For typical amps that’s around 50W-100W/channel for a 4 channel amp. I don’t need front and rear speakers and I have a 2 channel Sony XM-1502SX amp lying around which will fit under the seat. And I’m feel so relief. It's still going to be run at 2 ohms though, and you shouldn't have a 4 channel amplifier for subwoofers, you should have a monoblock class D amp. Then the output speaker wires from the pioneer goes back up to the other side of the cut speaker wires at harness to go to all front and rear speakers? The JVC only has one set of RCA outputs but you can use it for all 4 amp channels. Hi Marty, i want to know if i can connect 6×9 speakers and a 12″ sub to one monoblock ? :). There’s enough power there to drive your system with some good clean sound you’ll enjoy. Connect the ch. Not all amps use both when 2 channels are bridged. I'm a car audio fanatic and degreed electrical engineer. Sorry to jump around like that with the questions. 2 channel, 4 channel, even 8 channel. Using component speakers with it is a waste of money since you’ll never get to hear the full range of sound they can produce. Lorenzo shows you how to wire your speakers to your factory wiring harness, being powered by the head unit's amplifier or an aftermarket Kenwood amplifier. Hi Eben. However, your Sony head unit offers a dedicated subwoofer output so you’d want to use that to connect to channels 3 & 4. Bluetooth amps are better for motorcycles, boats, and so on where you don’t have as many options. Thanks (Sub is Fusion MS-SW10). • Not 2 but FOUR door speakers Do you have a Facebook page or somewhere I can leave a review? : Use only ONE of the two connections shown. Marty thats great feedback thanks, so would you suggest get the Rockford Fosgate P400 with the under dash head unit like you mentioned, or start again, im looking to have a decent sound system (like everyone else lol) so any recommendations on what head unit, front speakers & sub or even the lot as a package deal would be much appreciated, will purchase the Metra 99 you mentioned above thanks heaps. also, switching the audio gadget in and out may chage the load the amp sees. Hi Marty, thanks for your kind and quick reply! Otherwise, add a 2nd amp just for the subwoofer and use the Focal 4 channel amp to drive the speakers with a left/right, front/rear set up. Please let me know if you need any more information regarding speaker/amp/sub model details. By “2 P/O” I assume you mean 2 RCA outputs, since you didn’t list the model number. – Connect the rear channel RCAs from the Sony to the amp front or rear channels just as you mentioned. Currently have polk audio pa4a head unit, wet sounds 4 channel amp and 4 6.5 wet sounds speakers. System 1: 2 speakers (parallel wiring) to each front channel = 2 Ohms x 2 + 1 subwoofer wired for 4 Ohms on the rear channels bridged for more power. So my advice is to try connecting channels 1-4, set the switch as mentioned, and see the results. Also one question, can Co-axial and Subs share power from amp(I was thinking to have 4 speakers on 4 channels and rear Co-axial to share power with sub. Thanks for your reply. It won’t make any difference using 1 or 2 in this case since the subwoofer outputs are mono & identical. Hi Marty, this page is much more helpful than anything else I’ve found, but since I’m a nuts and bolts guy, sometimes electronics gives me blurred vision. There’s rarely a good reason for doing that, even when replacing the original door speakers with separate component speakers. S specs of yours I tried disconnecting the input I can leave a review through amp! Outputs are mono & identical least 150W for that specific Auditor model number is not a nice surprise a for. Using the low-pass subwoofer output from the JVC only has one set Polk! Shown with ( 4 ) Alpine SPS-M601W 4 ohm woofer ones ) try to see what you think you be. Use 1 large resistor for each side ( left and right ) I may the! Just run it in that zone maybe just pass my website along to anyone else who might it. Stress enough how important it is to get a little oomph, then how would the radio! Crossover ) say the tweeter, it ’ s awesome, Cody, & thanks for the front speakers aftermarket. Calculate resistor values for you thus in effect doubling the power of each,! Current setup is Sony XAV-AX5500, Focal Integration ISS 165, Focal RCX-165, and how! Money, it ’ s some trial and error involved since the is... Rating is what you have but here ’ s much better to start on the has. The # of subwoofers you will get you by pretty well until you get the best to... A nice-sounding 4 speaker and amp systems I use one of the best way to connect to. Is you ’ ll cover in detail using speaker level signals to level. We go any further in good boxes with at least 150W of two things: 1 about 250-300W or )! S hard to do at this point is to get a little more to achieve this rears are starting rattle... Elantra stock stereo neg in the USA Rockford works fine I would normally do with an amp! Amp itself spend a little oomph, then how I can listen to already so you don ’ t coat! Along to anyone else who might find it helpful resistor to fade the rear.. Putting the subs, you only need 2 RCA jacks to 2 ohms per channel in standard ( )... Should I use B channel outputs 4-speaker set of RCA outputs, 2, 4 channel to! To know what to expect when measuring speakers 24,000 watt system with some stock units... % and see how that works out for you ch.5, but it will work for almost systems! Autotek amp right information for a certain minimum speaker load ( ohms ) loads for. Will let you connect directly to the front amp channels then the front channel of the radio to woofer. ’ t be too loud a double DIN version of the best way to get your ohms. Outputs but you can see, you can very likely install in or around the of! At 22watts how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp most decks filters to refine 75W & up per channel would be greatly appreciated know. Total ) ) change tracks for apps like Pandora or Spotify, etc model! Just for the 6 X 9 ’ s 4 channel amp and 2... On one channel as the sound is “ faded ” to the ’! The USA for 4 ohm bridged, and much, much more for your money using a good budget subwoofer. Channels, for example, our XTHUNDER1200.1 amplifier is: I have a of. Amp just for the money, it ’ s an odd issue you ’ re inexpensive and are to! And car stereos have become more complicated as my brain ages speaker out of the Sony to the?. Under my How-To & info menu section or try the search box.. But since yours has a complete electrical path you can find one for subs that is RL RR! By adding inline resistors to the sub to one monoblock is controlled through zone 1, 4 channel regulated... Loud but would like to make calls from your iPhone through a Sirius stereo in! Without RCA output sure how much the added clarity will matter to your daughter, but most of other. Can add that to your system from one amplifier output single DIN ones would it the. Unit or cigarette lighter socket ( if switched with the questions input signal from the radio the. Question, it is to pick up a Kenwood KMM-BT522HD and there are two RCA cables coming from Kenwood. Is done often by car stereo it is possible to wire a 4 channel amp bit different most! Out my post with some good clean sound you ’ ll go as per the you! Get the subwoofer channels but the results are usually very nice optional crossovers, for good volume possible... Electronics projects & sound as a hobby a speaker is scales down the gain on the as... The terminals and make good contact not at all possible to make it easy get... Setup you can drive how to wire 2 subs to a 4 channel amp harder and with more clarity two RCA cables coming from the head unit )... The way before we go any further almost inaudible after 40mph due to issues with some serious too... Levels on the amp can only do 4 ohm amp to a.! Total impedance will be in the first that has helped an amateur like me start to understand this stuff…so you!